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About Us

What is an Un-Travel Adventure?

Each Box comes with a travel itinerary full of recipes, activities and made-in-Manitoba goods, so that you can use the products to create hours of engaging fun.

As you open the box you are walked through every aspect. From the music to play, to creating the mood, tasting delicious beverages, learning to cook local delicacies, virtual tours, outdoor adventures and tips on how to make the experience exceptional.


Our Mission

To create a memorable "travel" experience in the comfort of your home while incorporating local Manitoba made products.

One of our focal points is supporting local businesses and with so many wonderful products made here in Manitoba, it's easier than every to buy local. We want to showcase these unique and delicious items, as well as inspire you to explore countries from around the world.


Our Story

It’s been a tough year for many and as the owner of McPhail Travel Brandon, when the travel industry shut down, I spent countless nights awake with a newborn baby, thinking “how I can modify our business structure?” Wondering "how can I bring a vacation to you?" After tossing some ideas around with a good friend, I started working on a business structure. With this endeavor, we created Un-Travel (adventures in a box)!

We at McPhail Travel Brandon have poured our heart and soul into creating Un-Travel and honestly, it couldn't have been done without the amazing companies we have partnered with.

In the initial stages of developing the business venture, it was paramount to us

that we support small, local businesses who are the backbone of our economy. We hand picked each and every one of our gift boxes with a selection of local artisan products from across Manitoba.

We are so excited about the partnerships that we made. You can find more about the companies under the "Our Partners" link on our website! As the founder of Un-Travel, I think it’s so important to lift up and support the economy.


Our Clients

Are you a family looking for something to do this weekend? A company seeking to treat their employees? A couple longing for a date night? Or a busy individual needing a quick gift? You value aesthetics and convenience and are excited to have a fun experience from the comfort of your home. No more rushing around, pulling things together at the last minute. Let us do the work for you.